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Please think your question through and make sure to ask ONE SPECIFIC QUESTION. The more info you give me, the more custom your response will be!

In order to submit photos, please note the desired method of photo sharing in your submission and I will get back to you when I recieve your question. 

If you have a two/three/four part question, please purchase the appropriate number of questions.

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Need an example? Here are some sample questions that meet the requirements for a "one question" purchase....

  • What type of light fixture would you recommend for my informal breakfast room? I have two glass pendants in the kitchen and a crystal chandelier in the dining room. The space is very open and I don't know what will look good with what I already have.
  • What paint color do you recommend for my kitchen cabinets? I have marble countertops and my walls are Benjamin Moore Pearl Gray. 
  • I'm about to make my first big furniture purchase and buy a sofa! Do you have any suggestions for what I should keep in mind while purchasing?
  • Where can I find the sconces you used in Acre? I would love to get some for my back porch. 

Still need some help deciding if your question qualifies? Feel free to email me!